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  1. Adult Obesity Rate
  2. FHFA Purchase-Only House Price Index
  3. Population in State
  4. Population in State Rate of Change Per 1,000
  5. Population in State Ranking
  6. Winter Average Temperatures
  7. Winter Average Temperatures (State)
  8. Nonfarm Payroll Employment (Indexed to 2009)
  9. Nonfarm Payroll Employment -
  10. Student Enrollment in Public K-12 Schools
  11. State and Local Taxes, Overall Ranking (wallethub)
  12. State and Local Taxes, Effective Rates (Wallethub)
  13. State and Local Taxes Per Household, Annual Estimates (Wallethub)
  14. Imports by State
  15. Identity Theft, Consumer Complaints by State
  16. Exports by State
  17. Employees Member of Union
  18. Workers' Compensation Premium Rate Ranking
  19. Income Tax Rate, Top Individual
  20. Income Tax Rate, Bottom Individual
  21. Home Value Median
  22. Electricity Rate for All Sectors
  23. Corporate Income Tax Rate (Tax Foundation)
  24. Home Value Median Ranking
  25. Home Value Median
  26. Bankruptcy Filings, Nonbusiness
  27. Bankruptcy Filings, Business
  28. ACS Median Home Values
  29. Minimum Wage
  30. State Real GDP -- Private
  31. State Real GDP -- Government Share of State GDP
  32. State Real GDP -- Government
  33. State Real GDP Per Capita (chained 2012 dollars)
  34. State Real GDP (Indexed to 2005)
  35. State Real GDP (adjusted for inflation)
  36. State Nominal GDP -- Private Share of State GDP
  37. State Nominal GDP -- Private
  38. State Nominal GDP -- Government Share of State GDP
  39. State Nominal GDP -- Government
  40. Personal Income Ranking
  41. Personal Income Percentage Change
  42. Personal Income Per Capita
  43. Personal Income
  44. United Van Lines Outbound Shipments Ranking
  45. United Van Lines Outbound Shipments (Percentage)
  46. State Nominal GDP (Not adjusted for inflation)
  47. Wage and Salary Disbursements, Indexed to 2009
  48. Wage and Salary Disbursements
  49. High School Graduation Rate
  50. Technology and Science Ranking (Milken Institute)